Crisis Management for Climbing Gyms

Route Setter Magazine #3 – 2020/21

We are nevertheless excited to publish Route Setter Magazine for the third year running.

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Restart Indoor Climbing

Browse through the results of our study and find out what 23,000 climbers from around the world think.

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Restart Climbing Survey

Would climbers be willing to accept certain limitations in order to start indoor climbing again? We have carried out a survey, asking climbers their opinion on possible solutions to the current challenges. The majority of a total of 16,000 participants state that they would like to climb at the gym again.

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Wiedereröffnung von Kletterhallen – diese Software Lösungen unterstützen euch dabei

Das Vertical-Life Team arbeitet voller Energie daran, Kletterhallen bei der Wiedereröffnung zu unterstützen. Die Beiträge und Inputs eines Expertengremiums waren die Grundlage für uns, um hilfreiche Software Lösungen zu entwickeln, die einen sicheren Betrieb ermöglichen.

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Reopening Climbing Gyms – Our Software Tools Are Ready to Help

Our team at Vertical-Life is working towards empowering gyms by helping them lay a solid foundation that will enable them to reopen and restart climbing, safely and sustainably, when the time is right. Based on the input and advice from our expert panel and gym operators, we will be offering facilities the necessary software tools and digital services needed to hit the ground running safely.

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Strategy Outline for Covid-19 Risk Mitigation in Climbing Gyms

Through well planned measures, international cooperation and a reasonable degree of personal responsibility, solutions can be found to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection in climbing gyms. This strategy outline is intended to provide a basis for this goal, while at the same time making it easier for national authorities to decide whether to allow gyms to reopen.

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Strategiepapier zur Reduzierung des Covid-19 Risikos in Kletter- und Boulderhallen

Mit gezielten Maßnahmen, einer überregionalen Zusammenarbeit und einem guten Maß an Eigenverantwortung können Lösungswege entstehen, um das Ansteckungsrisiko in Kletterhallen zu minimieren. Das vorliegende Strategiepapier soll eine Grundlage dafür sein, und soll gleichzeitig den nationalen Behörden die Entscheidung über eine Wiedereröffnung erleichtern.

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COVID-19 Risk Mitigation in Climbing Gyms – Setting up a European Strategy

How can we support and guide climbing gyms towards responsible reopening, when by nature gyms are a place where people have close interaction?

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In vier Phasen erfolgreich durch die Krise

Christian Popien

Das Jahr 2020 sollte für die Kletterbranche (Indoor Climbing Industry) ein vielversprechendes und erfolgreiches Jahr werden. Noch im vergangenen Jahr schauten Hallenbetreiber, Klettergriffhersteller, Kletterwandbauer, Sportler, Athleten und Verbände voller Zufriedenheit auf die positive und wirtschaftlich gesunde Entwicklung des Sports.

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The 4 Phases of Climbing Gym Crisis Management

Christian Popien

The year 2020 should be a promising and successful year for the climbing industry, especially the indoor sector. Last year, gym operators, climbing hold manufacturers, climbing wall builders, athletes, and climbing federations looked on with optimism as the sport’s consistent positive growth and healthy economic development rolled forward.

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