Indoor climbing continues to modernize and march forward, and along the way we face new challenges, demands and trends. Our Route Setter Magazine International Survey 2022 is designed to shed light on the equipment, supplies and processes that gyms and route setters rely on, and how these essential tools and methods are best implemented and managed.

The results of this survey will be published in this year’s Route Setter Magazine #5. For every person who completes the survey (15-20 min. in length), we'll send a free access code to the digital version of RSM #5 (to be published end of November 2022).

By joining forces with you, we hope to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the needs of climbing gym managers and route setters, and where you would most like to see improvement and expansion.

We will process and relay your feedback to suppliers and innovators in order to help facilitate the continued upward progression of our industry.

Your anonymity will be respected and your information will not be shared with any third parties without your express permission.

We appreciate your thoughtful participation!