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Vertical-life app

Connect with your climbers through the Vertical-Life app

The Vertical-Life app is a digital climbing guide, social network and training log for outdoor and indoor climbers.

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The app offers state-of-the-art route information and a logging functionality for indoor climbing gyms and over 4.500 outdoor crags. It also provides a training feature for a fast-growing number of participating climbing gyms.

New route notifications, monthly challenges, personal achievement badges and the training log add gamification and motivational elements to the users’ daily climbing routines.

Raise customer engagement and retention by connecting your gym to the app!

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Collect your climbers’ feedback

Comments, ratings and grade proposals directly from the app to the Smart Climbing Gym
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Detailed wall topos

Provide easy navigation of your gym so climbers can find and tick their ascents
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New Route Notifications

Send a notification to your climbers whenever new routes and boulder problems go up
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Sponsored global challenges

Multiple challenges launched monthly by Vertical-Life, with prizes awarded by partnering sponsors
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Automated training plans

Personalized training plans and workouts created based on current routes and boulder problems at your gym
We’ve teamed up with world class coach Ingo Filzwieser in order to bring state of the art training plans to all ambitious climbers out there.
Ingo Filzwieser
Elite coach and national team trainer
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Helping climbers break down technique and access on-demand beta
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“Our customers like to see the ranking list on the info screen, especially if they are ranking better than their friends. A little healthy competition is fun :)”

Charlotte Armitage
Gym manager

“It was an easy choice for us to use Vertical-Life in our gym. It has so many useful features, both for the climber and the route setter.”

Birgit NesheimBirgit Nesheim
Head route setter

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Route setting

Fed up with using multiple spreadsheets for managing route setting at your gym?

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Staff management

Struggling to get all of your staff aligned on gym tasks?

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Course booking

Need to manage your courses, classes, and events and present them to the public?

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Vertical-Life app

Looking to further engage and connect with your customers?

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Check-in & slot booking

Want to avoid crowds at the gym and provide a safe check-in process?

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Profile & Headcount

Ready to show your location and availability to climbers worldwide?

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