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Staff management

Optimize your resources and gain extra, valuable time with your customers

Staff management

Seamlessly manage staff and shift planning in just a few clicks.

Our Staff Management module has been updated extensively with you in mind so that you can effectively manage your staff, document working hours, export calendars and monthly reports, shift-plan cohesively and monitor staff expenditures.
Staff management

Our user-friendly calendar offers a
bird's-eye view

Flexible calendar

Customize your calendar with helper templates and advanced filters for ease of use and a clear overview. Our click-and-drag feature lets you create, modify and publish schedules, and communicate tasks.

Shift planning

The calendar’s shift planning mode allows you to create shifts and tasks based on staff availability, vacations, holidays and sick leave. Publish the schedule only when it’s ready and offer your staff shifts to accept or decline.

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Route setting

Fed up with using multiple spreadsheets for managing route setting at your gym?

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Staff management

Struggling to get all of your staff aligned on gym tasks?

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Course booking

Need to manage your courses, classes, and events and present them to the public?

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Vertical-Life app

Looking to further engage and connect with your customers?

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Check-in & slot booking

Want to avoid crowds at the gym and provide a safe check-in process?

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Profile & Headcount

Ready to show your location and availability to climbers worldwide?

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