22 April, 2020

Our team at Vertical-Life is working towards empowering gyms by helping them lay a solid foundation that will enable them to reopen and restart climbing, safely and sustainably, when the time is right.

Navigating and determining the necessary risk mitigation and operational alterations that are required in the face of Covid-19 is an ongoing process, and variations in needs may differ based on location. However, it is safe to assume that counter measures will be needed in order to reopen, and adjustments to occupancy, customer flow and facility hygiene will be required at the majority of gym locations globally. Over the past months we have been working together with an international group of climbing gymoperators and industry experts in order to build a working strategy and ensure that indoor climbing is prepared to successfully tackle this unprecedented challenge. You can find our regularly updated strategy framework here.

Based on the input and advice from our expert panel and gym operators, we will be offering facilities the necessary software tools and digital services needed to hit the ground running safely. Get in touch to discuss options for your gym.

Free Gym Profiles

We’ve published an additional 2,000 basic gym profiles to our Vertical-Life app, enabling climbers across the world to quickly and easily find information about their local gym (live on iOS, Android to follow soon). Get in touch and sign up for access to update your basic gym profile, including opening times, links to crowdfunding, and other campaigns. In response to Covid-19, we are rolling out a series of features, available to all gyms, to support reopening and to facilitate clear communication between climbers and gyms.

Free Gym Profiles


In order to reopen, we expect many gyms will need to satisfy basic capacity requirements based on the layout and size of the gym. Our current software is well positioned to capture this data and effectively communicate back to the climber in-app to ensure smooth and safe operations from check-in to check-out.

Within our existing products we are developing a number of different ways to enable gyms to manage capacity and appropriately communicate available space to users in order to avoid overcrowding and entry rejection. We are offering a host of flexible options to ensure solutions are available for all gyms during these challenging times.

  • Integrated counter widget for front desk staff
  • Boulderado POS integration
  • Check-in and Check-out with Vertical-Life
  • Slot booking

Headcounts feature

Online Slot Booking

In order to manage and maintain social and physical distancing requirements while at the same time accommodating a maximum number of customers under capacity restrictions, we have designed a climbing slot reservation system.

As a means of avoiding crowding at the facility entrance, changing rooms and restrooms, check-in and check-out times for each available slot are staggered. Furthermore, our slot booking algorithm will maximize the number of available slots should a facility have area specific occupancy variances. Gym entrance passes may also be purchased online in order to further minimize contact and entrance crowding.

Online Slot Booking

Digital Checklists

Reopening will likely involve new procedures and tasks that ensure proper facility hygiene and disinfection. In the staff management portion of our system, we will be adding a digital checklist feature that will provide the necessary management and documentation required.

Contact our Peter & Cody from our team and let us know how we can best support you.