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Smart Climbing Gym from Vertical Life

Manage your route setting, bookings, analytics, CRM and more from one simple platform.

Check-In & Slot Booking Management

Check-in Management  & Customizable Slot Booking

Your gym’s entrance and the front desk will be crucial points when it comes to social distancing measures and will require a well-defined process. Our Slot-booking and Check-in feature will help you monitor and organize the visiting times of each individual climber and stagger their check-in and check-out times so that you can avoid large crowds and queues. Climbers can show up in intervals (e.g. every 15 minutes at 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, …) with a pre-booked slot rather than all arriving at the same time.
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Route setting

Manage the demands of route setting and communicate with your climbers

Constantly-updated online climbing guide for your gym, generated from your route setting management entries, with the opportunity for climbers to give direct feedback to you. Climbers are notified when new routes and boulders are added.
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Course booking

Built-in course and event scheduling and booking

Create and coordinate online bookings and payments, promotions and staff scheduling with one integrated booking tool. Define your own framework, connect your staff to your events through intuitive profile features, publish your events to the public, and monitor your bookings with ease.
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Free gym profile

Climbers can find your gym on our interactive map.

We’ve pinned all known gyms on our worldwide map in the Vertical-Life app. Get access to manage and update your gym’s listing and opening times. Don't see your gym on our map? If you would like to see your facility on our map email us at
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Headcount Tracker
(yes, it’s free!)

Display your opening hours and current occupancy in real-time to climbers in the Vertical-Life app and on your website (easily plugged in with an IFrame). The headcount can be tracked manually by front desk staff, through check-ins via the slot booking feature, or automated by Boulderado POS integration (Boulderado customers).
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For climbers

Vertical-Life App integration

The Smart Climbing Gym is directly connected to our free Android and IOS app.

With your gym listed on the app climbers can access your gyms' topos, log their climbs, rate routes, comment and share, create custom training plans and much more.

The app transforms communication with your climbers. Share gym news, special events and even send climbers new route notifications.
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Route setting

Fed up with using multiple spreadsheets for managing route setting at your gym?

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Staff management

Struggling to get all of your staff aligned on gym tasks?

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Course booking

Need to manage your courses, classes, and events and present them to the public?

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Vertical-Life app

Looking to further engage and connect with your customers?

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Check-in & slot booking

Want to avoid crowds at the gym and provide a safe check-in process?

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Profile & Headcount

Ready to show your location and availability to climbers worldwide?

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Crisis Management for Climbing Gyms

Route Setter Magazine International Survey 2022

Our survey this year focuses on the current demands and needs of gym managers and route setters. With your help, we hope to gain a more comprehensive understanding of these needs. The results will be published in this year’s issue of Route Setter Magazine. Your participation is greatly appreciated, and will be rewarded with...

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“Vertical-Life continuously improves their already solid product. One example of this is the new feature Gym Activity. With this feature I get practical feedback for route setting in our gym which allows me to optimize planning and managing the routes and boulder problems we set.”

Christoph Gabrysch
Technical operations
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“Vertical-Life allows me to have a good and complete overview of what there is and what would be needed for the clients of our gym from the route setting point of view. It gives us the tools to collect feedback and keep developing in the right direction.”

Adam Pustelnik
IFSC Chief Route Setter
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“It was an easy choice for us to use Vertical-Life in our gym. It has so many useful features, both for the climber and the routesetter. Especially since our gym is so big, it’s really nice to have a complete overview over all the routes and boulders.”

Birgit Nesheim
Head route setter

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